Non-dependant deductions

If you have someone aged 18 or over living with you, and they’re not a joint tenant, boarder or your partner, they’re called a non-dependant. They could be your parent, relative, son, daughter or friend.

If you have a non-dependant living with you, your housing benefit is usually reduced by a certain amount each week. This is called a non-dependant deduction. The amount depends on the circumstances of the person living with you, for example if they’re working or on benefits.

It’s important you check that the right non-dependant deduction is being made. We can help with this, so please get in touch.

Things you can do

Check how much is being deducted from your housing benefit at the moment. To find this out look at your latest housing benefit award letter, ring the housing benefit office or ask us.

Check the amount being deducted is correct, see the tables below, and ask us if you need help. If you think the wrong amount’s being taken, tell us, and we’ll help you contact the housing benefit office.

Explain to the person living with you if they need to give you more money, as this could help you with your rent payments to us.

If someone living with you turns 18 in the next 12 months, start to talk to them now to plant the seed that they may have to pay towards your rent!

Non-dependant weekly deductions


  Weekly housing benefit deduction

Non-dependent aged 18-24 on IS/IB-JSA/IR-ESA no component (assessment phase)


Non-dependent full time student (summer hols) must not be working 16hrs+ per wk

Non-dependent working 16hrs+/wk, gross income =  
     Under £129 £14.55
     £128 - £188 £33.40
     £189 - £245 £45.85
     £246 - £327 £75.05
     £328 - £407 £85.45
     £408 or over £93.80

Non-dependent in any other situation (including off work sick or on maternity leave)


Tenant or partner on Attendance Allowance or DLA care (any rate), or registered blind

Non-dependent on Pension Credit £0

All other non-dependents aged 18 or over not working 16 hours or more a week, regardless of their income