Additional charges

Sometimes you may have a request which we'll charge you for to cover the costs of the additional work. 

We review our fees every year and below is a list of the main things we charge for. 

The fees are shown including VAT at 20% and are the fees for the year 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018.

Fees for processing applications for consent

  • For home improvements or alterations - £60 including VAT
  • Sub-letting - £90 including VAT
  • For other things as required by your lease/transfer (eg for pets or erecting aerials) - £36 including VAT

 Fees for shared owners - staircasing, transfers and remortgages

  • Staircasing administration charge - £192 including VAT
  • Processing/approving a further advance, mortgage or remortgage - £120 including VAT
  • Processing/approving a transfer from/to joint/sole names (no mortgage) - £96 including VAT
  • Processing/approving a transfer and remortgage - £168 including VAT

 Fees relating to sales

  • Answering Leasehold Property Enquiries (LPE1) or equivalent and provision of supporting documents: 
    • House with no communal services - £60 including VAT
    • House with communal services - £90 including VAT
    • Flats - £120 including VAT 


  • Extra questions further to or instead of an LPE1 (or equivalent): 
    • An extra 1-5 questions - £36 including VAT
    • An extra 6-10 questions - £60 including VAT
    • An extra 11-20 questions - £90 including VAT
  • Shared ownership resale assignment fee - £360 including VAT (unless the lease states a specific amount or % of the sale value)
  • Notice of Assignment/Transfer/Charge following sale - £36 including VAT
  • Letter of consent for Land Registry - £24 including VAT
  • Deed of Covenant - £36 including VAT

Other additional charges

  • Deed of Variation - £300 including VAT plus legal fees and disbursements
  • Processing redemption of equity loans - £192 including VAT
  • Debt recovery if you don’t engage with us - £18 including VAT per letter plus court costs and legal fees when incurred

Providing information

Buildings insurance summary of cover is available here

Legal documents such as leases or transfers can be obtained from the Land Registry

If you need us to provide you with copies of documents:

  • Buildings insurance summary and policy schedule – free by email or £12 including VAT by post
  • Lease, transfer or other legal document:
    • For documents we have on file - £12 including VAT by email or £36 including VAT by post
    • For documents we need to obtain from the Land Registry - £36 including VAT by email or £60 including VAT by post