Additional charges

Sometimes you may have a request which we'll need to charge you for. Here's a list of what we may charge for.

If you have any questions or would like more information please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Description of charges





Processing an application for consent to home improvements or alterations


£50 + VAT

Processing an application for consent to things other than home improvements or alterations (e.g. consent to keep animals or erect an aerial)


£30 + VAT

Staircasing administration charge (shared owners only)


£160 + VAT

Approving a further advance or mortgage or remortgage
(shared owners only)


£60 + VAT

Providing a copy of the buildings insurance summary of cover and policy schedule. This is available free from our website.


£10 + VAT
Email copy free

Providing a copy of your lease, transfer or other legal document (you may also be able to get these directly from Land Registry


£10 + VAT email copy
£30 + VAT email copy we need to obtain from Land Registry
£30 + VAT to post a hard copy on file
£50 + VAT to post a hard copy we need to obtain from Land Registry

Providing consent to sublet when we've approved a request to sublet a shared ownership or leasehold property (subject to our conditions).


£75 + VAT

Arrears collection to cover our costs of having to contact you becuase you haven't paid your rent or service charges.


£15 + VAT per letter plus court costs and legal fees when incurred.

Processing a Deed of Variation to a lease


£250 + legal fees, disbursements and VAT

Costs associated with the sale of properties:


Completion of Leasehold Property Enquiries questionnaire (LPE1) or equivalent and provison of supporting documents:

Shared Ownership/DIYSO house with no service charge

Shared Ownership/freehold houses with service charges


Provision of further information requested by solicitors in addition to the LPE1 (or equivalent): 





£50 + VAT

£75 + VAT

£100 + VAT


£30 + VAT 1-5 questions
£50 + VAT 6-10 questions
£75 + VAT 10+ questions


Assignment fee for Shared Ownership resales (unless the lease states a specific amount or % of the sale value)


£300 + VAT

Fee for processing Notice of Assignment (also called a Notice of Transfer) and Notice of Charge on completion of a sale, transfer or remortgage.


£40 + VAT

Fee for processing a Deed of Covenant on completion of sale (required by new freeholders to observe and perform positive covenants against the property)


£30 + VAT

Fee for providing a letter of consent for Land Registry (to confirm that a restriction against the property has been complied with).   £20 + VAT
Fee for processing redemption of equity (Homebuy) loans   £160 + VAT