Make it happen

We can help you support your community in many ways, whether it's in a group, to set up a club, or help you set your ideas in motion for a community event.

Watch our film above about an event we held, called Communities Can, which shows how we're already making it happen in communities.

Here's just some of the ways we’ve helped communities so far:

  • Put on a Dreamscheme across Somerset
    It's for young people based on a simple work = points = trips! They carry out work in their community to earn points which they can use for trips or activities of their choice
    To find out more about Dreamscheme, click the following link to have a look at the Dreamscheme website
  • Free English lessons in Taunton
    For all residents who wanted to improve their English language skills
  • Set up an arts group in Bristol
    Supported a group of residents to start their own arts group.

If you've got ideas to improve your neighbourhood, or need our support to make a difference where you live, get in touch, we'd love to help you.

Find out more about our plans for communities and our approach to working in communities. Have a look at our our Community Empowerment Strategy 2013-2016 on the left.