Grants for you

Opportunity Fund

Ever been offered a place on a course but can’t afford to get there or buy books? Do you apply for jobs but can’t pay for interview clothes? Our Opportunity Fund could be just the help you need!

It can give you up to £500 of support so you can take up training or work opportunities that you couldn’t otherwise afford. It can cover things like clothing, transport, equipment, childcare, carers, befrienders or support workers if needed. We’re not able to give money for computers, computer equipment or internet access though.

To apply you need to show that:

  • You live in one of our homes, or receive support through our support services
  • You can’t afford to take up the opportunity without help from us
  • You've researched other options for funding
  • The money will support you to take up the opportunity.

We're sure the opportunity will increase your chances of getting work.

One of our Individual Empowerment or Housing Officers, or your support worker, will need to support your application. The application's pretty simple and we can help you complete it. Get in touch if you're interested!