Keeping your home safe

14 June 2017

In the light of the tragic events at a high rise block of flats in London last night, we want to provide you some assurance about our fire management arrangements in your homes.

We want to reassure you that fire safety is important to us, and we need to work together to make sure you and your home stay safe.

All our homes meet the national standards for build quality and we work closely with Avon Fire and Rescue to ensure all our properties meet the fire regulations.


  • Carry out annual inspections of your smoke alarm to check that it’s working properly. We’ll repair and replace faulty battery alarms if needed. If you’re worried your alarm isn’t working, get in touch so we can take a look for you.
  • Frequently get our staff to check fire alarms in communal areas and get specialist contractors to service the systems four times a year
  • Check the electrics in your home before your tenancy starts and during your tenancy, to make sure they’re safe and working properly.
  • Carry out regular fire risk assessments in the shared parts of our blocks of flats. This will be every one, two or three years depending on the risk.

What you can do:

  • Check your smoke alarms are working throughout the year by pressing the ‘test’ button, and contact us if it isn’t
  • Make sure that your exits are clear from clutter, so you can get out if you need to. This is especially important in communal areas of blocks of flats. Please don’t leave rubbish, bikes, prams or mobility scooters in communal hallways
  • Don’t wedge fire doors open. Keeping them closed helps to slow down the spread of fire
  • Plan an escape route in the event of a fire
  • Always stub your cigarettes out properly and use an ashtray. Please don’t smoke in communal areas if you live in a block of flats
  • Make sure you don’t overload your sockets with too many plugs. It’s also safest to unplug appliances when you’ve finished using them.

Our purpose built blocks of flats have a ‘Stay put’ policy in the event of a fire. This applies to blocks that are made of concrete compartments that will stop fire and smoke from spreading. Click here to read more information about ‘Stay put’

If you’re unsure whether the ‘Stay put’ policy applies to you, see the ‘Fire Action Notice’ displayed in your communal area, or contact us on 01934 526000.

For more information on fire and other risks around your home, click here.