Prioritising repairs

We aim to provide the most convenient repairs service to you. This means that we don’t set timescales for carrying out repairs, and instead, we work with you to arrange the works at a mutually convenient time.

Our contractors will contact you to arrange a time that suits, and once the appointment has been arranged, you’ll be able to track the repair on your account. We’ll even send you a little reminder by text within 24 hours of the agreed appointment. If you need to change your appointment it’s important that you contact us to rearrange. Find out more about our 'Appointment standard' here

As a general rule we’ll treat any job as an emergency when there is a serious, immediate risk to your health and safety or the security of your home. These are the jobs our contractor will deal with first and, where possible, by appointment.

If we’re called out to an ‘emergency’ which turns out not to be so, we’ll charge you for the call out and works.

Here's a list of works we class as an emergency:

  • Burst pipes or other serious leaks when the water cannot be contained at the stop tap (see how to locate your stop tap here)
  • Total failure of electricity, gas or water supply (not caused by cuts to the service beyond their home)
  • Where there is an immediate danger of injury (for example for loose roof tiles or unsafe walls)
  • Total failure of heating or hot water system in colder months and/or on a case by case vulnerability basis
  • Carbon monoxide detector sounding (Call the Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999)
  • Communal fire alarm sounding continuously
  • Lift breakdown where there is no alternative lift in the block
  • Blocked toilets or drains, when the blockage affects the only usable toilet in your property and you're unable to unblock it yourself. We’ll charge you if the blockage is due to misuse. (See how to unblock your toilet here)
  • Repairs to communal doors where there is a risk to your safety or security.
  • Exposed electrical wires or broken sockets or water leak through electrical wiring or fittings.
  • Gas leaks (Call the Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999)
  • Faulty access door locks where there is no other means of entry to your home. We’ll charge you if the problem is caused by missing keys
  • When your home is not secure. For example, if a door is damaged in a break-in and will not close, if a ground floor window is jammed open or if a lock will not operate. If the damage is caused as a result of a crime, the police should be notified who will supply a valid crime reference number. We will only come out if a crime reference number is given. We'll make the home safe and secure at the emergency visit, then agree a follow-on appointment. We will charge if the damage is caused deliberately
  • Racist or other offensive graffiti.