When you need to pay for works

Each year we spend a huge amount of money on homes that have been neglected, damaged or abused. This is money we could have spent on improving homes and other important services.

You’ve told us to get tougher on work that is not our responsibility. Our approach is as follows:

  • We will not carry out repairs to homes where it’s clear that the damage has been caused by deliberate or accidental action, or where it is due to long term neglect or misuse
  • If we’re unclear about the cause of a reported repair, we’ll arrange for an inspection to take place before carrying out the work. We’ll let you know if you’ll be charged for the works, and will agree a course of action
  • If you miss an agreed appointment, you’ll be charged for the time
  • We take recovery of charges seriously and will take legal action through the small claims court to recover costs. This may affect your credit rating
  • We reserve the right to use our discretion to complete work that is clearly chargeable if there’s an immediate risk of health and safety to the resident or neighbours, or where damage could be caused to the property. In both instances you’ll be charged for the work. Where applicable we’ll request an upfront payment for this type of work
  • When you move out of your home, we’ll assess any works that you’re responsible for and let you know what you’ll be charged if the work isn’t completed before you move out. If we have to make these repairs after you’ve moved out, we’ll charge you for the works.