We want you to be able to read and understand our website and the information we give you.

Our website has achieved W3C's Web accessibility standards and you can:

  • Make the pages bigger - select View on your toolbar and Zoom to the size you need
  • Listen to our website for free, and translate it into your language using our ReachDeck (formerly Browsealoud) toolbar.

If you would like to receive communications in another format, please contact us and we can:

  • Send you letters in large print, CD or Braille.
  • Translate letters or leaflets into your language using Language Line.
  • You can also speak to someone with the help of an interpreter.

ReachDesk (formerly Browsealoud) - Speak and translate

We’re delighted to have speech, reading and translation support on our website through ReachDesk.

ReachDesk is an easy-to-use web accessibility tool that helps the millions of people out there who struggle to access and understand information online. Globally, half a billion people are facing barriers to online content. Those who have a literacy or print disability, visual impairment, are non-native speakers, or lack basic digital skills, often feel excluded because of poor accessibility on the internet.  

ReachDesk works by providing instant access to supportive features, such as text-to-speech and translation. Hear our website content read out loud in a natural sounding voice, and accent of your choice. Translate our web pages into over 100 languages and read the content aloud in over 38 of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.

To try it out, click on the Accessibility menu in the top right of any page on our website and then select 'Speak and translate'. To hear text read out loud, simply click on the first icon and hover your mouse over any text. From a touchscreen device you will have to click on the text to hear it. Video guides on how to use more of the services are available. 


We've partnered with SignVideo to provide a Video Relay Service (VRS). If you wish to use this service, please click on the Accessibility menu in the top right of the website and select 'SignVideo' enter your postcode and then you will be connected.