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Our residents are at the heart of everything we do. We give you the opportunity to have your say and we listen to what you tell us.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. That's why we've made sure there are lots of different ways you can give us your views. You can join one of our online panels or you can sign up to take part in an online campaign that interests you. Have a look through the options below to see what suits you best.

Click. Connect. Contribute.

Our Resident Engagement service has gone digital, so you can give us your views at the click of a button, any time, from any place.

We’ve launched a refreshed service after receiving your feedback on how we should work more closely with you to get your thoughts and ideas on our services. We’re going to do this in a better, more flexible and more connected way.

It's all online. You can be part of it on Facebook, Twitter, via our website, by email or through our online surveys.

We're hosting two new, online panels where you can lead from the front in helping us to shape and improve our business and services. We run online campaigns about a range of different topics, from maintenance and communication, to anti-social behaviour and financial support. Just sign up using the form below to tell us what you think we do well in these areas and what we could do better in future!



Your Views campaigns

Why not get involved in one of our current or upcoming campaigns?

They’re great opportunities for you to give us your views on our services through online surveys, Facebook, email, or Twitter. We'll also have the occasional focus group or meeting which you can opt into.

To find out more, email or complete the form at the bottom of the page.



Your Views Panel

Join our Your Views panel to shape the Your Views campaigns.

You will:

  • Monitor, review and make recommendations on our campaigns
  • Keep us informed on topics relevant to residents and homeowners
  • Help us get the best value for money within our services

The panel is open to all residents and homeowners. The panel will feedback on campaigns digitally, and will meet once a year to review its progress.


Scrutiny Panel

Join our online Scrutiny Panel to get the chance to review our services from the comfort of your own home and make recommendations on how we can improve.

You can opt-in to review different parts of the business, whenever you have some free time and when something interests you.

You’ll look at:

  • Our service standards, policies and strategies
  • Our annual report and our business plan: Our Journey to 2021
  • Customer satisfaction and complaints

Our Scrutiny Panel is open to all residents and homeowners. You can opt-in on reviewing different information at a time that suits you. You and the rest of the panel will meet once a year to review your work.



Other opportunities to get involved

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Group       

Made up of residents, our staff and Country representatives, this group meets quarterly to assess the performance and management of our grounds maintenance contract to make the green spaces in our neighbourhoods are tidy and well looked after.  

Homeowners Panel            

The Homeowners Panel is open to any shared owner, leaseholder or freeholder and becomes active when we’re considering major changes to the homeownership service or communications.    

The E-Panel

Our panel of resident assessors look at funding applications via an online platform called ‘workshare’. E-panel members complete assessments and provide comments and recommendations on funding applications.

Tone of Voice           

Our group of more than 70 residents work with us to improve the way we communicate with our residents in writing.

If you’d like to know more about any of these opportunities, email:

How you've already made a difference

April 2017 - Antisocial behaviour policy

We know that our residents want to feel safe in their communities. We're making some changes to how we handle incidents of antisocial behaviour so residents are empowered to report problems in their neighbourhood, and so they'll know which is the best agency to contact for the right support.                      

On 25 April we emailed a sample of around 950 residents, asking for their views to help shape our new antisocial behaviour policy. We want to make it simpler for our residents to report antisocial behaviour so we're asking for five minutes of their time to complete a short survey, which is open until Tuesday 2 May.

If you would like to complete the survey please click here.


February 2017 - Service charges

Between June and September 2016, Voluntas surveyed 567 of our residents as part of our STAR Survey        

programme. We contacted a sample of those residents who told us that they were either  fairly or very

dissatisfied that their service charges provide value for money. The sample was based on those who actually

pay a service charge and are still living in one of our properties, a total of 64 residents.

Responses told us the majority of dissatisfaction was around service charges paid for grounds maintenance. 

The contract for the grounds maintenance service is up for renewal next year, so we are now asking for residents'

feedback on the current contractors performance. Click here to tell us what you think.


October 2016 – Where you live

As part of an ongoing project looking at Tenancy & Estate Management, more than 240 of our residents took part in a short survey asking what they thought about their home, and about Knightstone.                                                                                               

Over 50% of residents described where they live as really great or great, and 70% would recommend Knightstone to a friend. When asked to list what was important to residents the top 3 were location, peace & quiet and safety.


April 2016 – Our service review

Earlier this year, our team underwent a service review. The aim was to refocus our activities on digital in order to make our resident contact more instant and reach residents we haven’t engaged with before.

You can find out more about the service review here.


March 2016 – Missed repairs appointment survey

Missed appointments are a real pain. We record around 350 missed appointments every month, for repairs, new kitchens and bathrooms, and other really important work that we must do to keep you and your families safe.

More than 400 of our residents responded to our survey. Check out the results here.


February 2016 – Website focus group

Our residents worked with our web developers to improve the navigation of our website. We used sophisticated eye-tracking software to track how most people moved around the site. This helped our developers understand which areas of the website were most popular and useful for our residents.



If you're interested in any of our opportunities, please get in touch by filling in the form below.

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