Supporting you

We're committed to making a real difference to you, and your community at a time when local authorities are cutting back their investment.

We can help and support you in lots of different ways. Here's a quick overview, but have a look at our pages on the left to find out more about what we can do to support you and your community:

  • Supported housing
    We're passionate about the support and accommodation we provide to over 2,500 people. We create opportunities to help you access work, education and training to help change your life, maintain independence and tackle social exclusion.
  • In your community
    Our Community Empowerment Team listens to your local issues and supports you to take action. We can provide anything from
    one off advice or information to hands-on help to develop a large (or small) project. It depends what you want!
  • Individual support
    Our Individual Empowerment Team supports you as individuals, to meet your needs
  • Fundraising and grants
    Our Fundraising and grants Team can help you to get funding for a community project or maybe access work or training.
  • Into work
    We're here to help you get on the right path, helping you into work through apprenticeships or volunteering.
  • Anti social behaviour
    It's really not nice if you suffer from anti social behaviour, so we take all cases seriously and make sure they're dealt with.